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Competitive Edge Gymnastics, Winchester, VA

Non-Competitive Programs

Beginners Program

Ages 6 and up – The sixty-minute beginner class is for the child just starting out. This level is designed to develop body strength and flexibility. Student will learn progressive gymnastics skills on all Olympic events.

Intermediate Program

Ages 8 and up – This ninety-minute intermediate class is designed for the stronger gymnast who has mastered the beginner’s strength and flexibility and is ready to learn more complex and difficult gymnastics skills.

Advanced Program

Ages 8 and up – This two-hour class is designed for the recreational student that loves gymnastics and is ready to master higher level gymnastics skills on all four Olympic events without having to compete. The class continues to focus strength and flexibility.


Ages 3 to 5 years – This sixty-minute class is an introduction to the fundamentals of gymnastics. Children learn basic body strength and awareness, balance/coordination and self-confidence through learning gymnastics skills. Classes include creative play and direct skills instruction on bars, beam, floor and vault.

Advanced Tumbleweeds

4 to 6 years – This ninety-minute class is a continuation of the tumbleweeds program and is designed for the younger gymnast interested in possible moving to the developmental/team program. The class time is extended to focus more on specific gymnastics skills, body position and concentration. Instructor invitation or contact the office if interested.

Boys Recreation

Ages 6 and up – This class is designed for boys to achieve strength, flexibility and concentration. The students will participate in all six Men’s Olympic events.


Ages 8 and up – All cheer classes focus on arm positions, stunting, jumps, and tumbling.


Designed for the student learning to master skills such as cartwheels, round-off, walk-overs, back handsprings as well as advanced skills such as tucks, layouts and twisting. These classes are designed to develop strength and flexibility while focusing only on tumbling skills on the floor.

“Parent and Me” Program

16 months to 3 years old – Parent/guardians are included in all activities. This thirty-minute class is great for bonding with your child. The class is designed to develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. The children will participate in games, obstacle courses, music, parachute and many other wonderful activities.

Note: All programs will include an annual registration fee of $45.