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Competitive Edge Gymnastics

Competitive Edge Team Program

We believe that a competitive team program will allow a gymnast to best fully develop their physical abilities and their proficiency in gymnastics. In addition, they can learn the value of hard work, how to organize their time, the importance of setting goals, how to deal with frustration, success and failure. These are skills that can/will help them in school, their careers, and life in general.

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Competitive Edge Gymnastics Latest News

Latest News

  • New! The 2015 Summer Schedule is Available for Download (view)
  • New! The 2015 Summer Camp Registration Form is now available! (view)
  • The 2014-15 Competitive Meet Schedule is Available for Download (view)
  • New Weather Policy is Available (view)
  • Competitive Edge Gymnastics Newsletter (view)
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Competitive Edge Gymnastics Free Trial

Free Trial Class

If you are not already a member of the gym, you can request a free trial prior to enrolling in a program. A trial provides you and your child with the opportunity to experience one of the many programs that is offered at Competitive Edge Gymnastics. This is a great way, on risk-free basis, for you to determine if our gym is a good fit for you and your child. Register by clicking the "Register Now" button below.

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